All custom DeLuis Guitars start with a conversation. I want to thoroughly know your needs and wants as a player. Through these interactions, the guitar is designed unique to you. DeLuis Guitars is a one man shop. I personally perform all the work involved in rendering your wood, hand carving tops, hand carving necks, applying finishing processes. I also do all the inlay work by hand. I make a big deal out of this because it is extremely rare. I am proud of the work I do by hand and have full disclosure of that. Most companies (even small brands) don't disclose whether or not their necks or inlay were cut by a machine and I think it personally makes all the difference in the world. I emulate old school craftsmanship in my shop which costs much more of my time and resources per guitar, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I make heirloom quality instruments and inlay and that it the cornerstone of my business. That being said, the sky is the limit. I work with no limitations in terms of design.

My existing models are a result of years and years of being a Luthier and musician and understanding what I would like as a player. Each model has something unique to offer you as a player and collector. However, if you have an idea that you would love to see come to fruition then please know I am open to materializing your vision. It's what I do. It's what I love. Nothing is better than making people their dream guitar. 

Payment is broken up in 3 equal parts for your convenience. Once the first payment is made to secure your spot we will at that point get to design your guitar together and finalize spec details. The second payment is collected at the commencement of construction.  The final (ish) payment will be required when the guitar goes into the finishing/spray process. The last cost is shipping upon completion. 

Even though DeLuis Guitars is a brand, I'm just a person. You'll always be talking to me directly. One of the best parts of this job is building these lasting relationship with fellow musicians and artists, along with their guitars. Thank you for checking out my work and I hope to work with you!


Greg DeLuis

“Magic is what we do, Music is how we do it” -Jerry Garcia


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